Mars Hill

Welcome to Mars Hill

This is a program built on the principles of Christian community (see History section). The graduating class of 2005 will be the sixth group of students to complete the full Mars Hill curriculum. The program began in 1995.

The education is classical. Students follow the Trivium of Latin, Logic and Rhetoric. The graduating seniors will have completed two to four years of Latin, Logic and one year of Rhetoric. They will also have completed a reading list of approximately 60 classics.

The average rank of all Mars Hill Students, (grades 7-11) on standardized achievement tests is significantly higher than both state and national levels for the 2004 school year.

The Mars Hill concept incorporates an Oxford model of learning at the high school level. Classes are prepared and taught by master teachers:

Students gather for lecture at the beginning of each week. Reading assignments and homework are assigned on this day. Students have the option of help sessions offered on Thursdays for most classes. Students manage their own work the other four days with oversight from their parents. This is especially helpful in preparing students for college level classes.

History, Literature and Writing are cross-disciplinary. The reading list for each grade corresponds to the time period being covered in history. Writing assignments are graded by both the English and History teacher.

For further information about the program, please see the Contact section.

May 13, 2005
Billy Henderson, Pastor
Lexington Christian Fellowship